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Search Field

The Search Field is used for finding expressions inside the currently active panel. It is placed on the upper right side of the Firebug window.

To use it you can simply click into it. There's also the possibility to use a shortcut (default: Ctrl+Shift+K resp. +Shift+K on Mac OS).

When nothing is entered the Search Field displays a search hint for the current panel.

When an entered expression is found inside the panel contents the panel automatically scrolls to the match (if needed) and the match is highlighted. By hitting Enter or clicking the down arrow you can jump to the next appearance of the entered search string. Clicking the up arrow gets you to the previous appearance. If there are no matches for the search string, the Search Field's background turns red to clearly indicate this.

Panel-specific Features[edit]

HTML Panel[edit]

Starting from Firebug 2.0 you can type XPaths and CSS selectors to search for elements within the HTML Panel. E.g. typing the XPath //*[@style] will find all elements having a style attribute or the CSS selector .example will find all elements having the example class assigned.

Script Panel[edit]

Inside the Script Panel the Search Field also offers the possibility to go to a specific line. Therefore you just need to enter a hash sign (#) plus the line number. Starting from Firebug 1.7 you can also use the shortcut Ctrl+L (+L on Mac OS), which automatically adds the hash sign for you and sets the focus to the Search Field, so you just have to enter the line number. The panel immediatelly jumps to the given line without the need to hit Enter.


Depending on the panel there are different options available for your search:

Option Available in Description
Force Case Sensitive All panels Enables case sensitivity while searching
Multiple Files CSS Panel, Script Panel Specifies whether to search the entered search string in all avaible files or just in the currently selected one
Use Regular Expression HTML Panel, CSS Panel, Script Panel, Net Panel Specifies whether the entered search string shall be interpreted as regular expression
Response Bodies Net Panel Enables searching inside the response bodies of the different Net Panel requests