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Re: DOM explorer tree missing

Please disregard; I'm an idiot.  It's the "HTML" panel that has the tree I was thinking of, and it still works fine.... Continued on Google Groups »

DOM explorer tree missing

I recently had the DOM tab open and the tree view portion just disappeared, and I can't figure out how to restore it.  I think I pushed some keyboard combination inadvertently.  The part that shows current node attributes remains.  "Select by click" still works in that it refreshes this info but the... Continued on Google Groups »

Set a constant name for the har file created by net export addon on fire bug

Hi, I'm using the netExport-0.9b3.xpi addon with firefox to export the network data of my application. I'm using the parameter extensions.firebug.netexport.defaultLogDir to set the default directory where it exports the HAR files. I see that the files are named as* localhost-7080+2014-04-22+17-03-47... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Firebug 2 beta 2

Thanks for the note - fixed in Simon Den måndagen den 21:e april 2014 kl. 06:21:20 UTC+2 skrev Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Firebug 2 beta 2

In the HTML "edit" view it would sure be nice to have a soft line wrap. Very hard to work with some code without it. On Thursday, April 17, 2014 9:14:08 AM UTC-4, Jan Honza Odvarko wrote: > > > > Honza >... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: firebug for Android

Unfortunately Firebug doesn't support Android. Sebastian... Continued on Google Groups »

firebug for Android

Hello. Firebug is a great program. *Create Firebug program for android. * Thanks... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Firebug 2 beta 2

ok, good. Let us know if the problem would reappear. Honza... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Firebug 2 beta 2

Ok it was the divider. For some reason it started all the way over to the left. I just kept trying to pull it over and it finally worked. So ... not sure why it defaulted like that. But it works now so thanks!... Continued on Google Groups »

Re: Firebug 2 beta 2

This is a clean (firefox nightly portable) installed yesterday. only firebug and firephp extensions are installed.  I noticed the problem this morning and a) updated to the new firebug from this morning, b) updated nightly ... same thing. any website.... Continued on Google Groups »

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